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Jacked Up®

Sour Jacks® Sour Candy is mouth-puckering candy with a unique wedge shape for maximum sour fun! Perfectly bite-sized, chewy, and covered in sour sugar crystals!

lemon lime strawberry cherry sour-jacks original mix flavor


Our original mix of Mouth-Puckering Candy® has it all: Lemonade, lime, strawberry, cherry and orange. Make zing your thing!

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watermellon sour-jacks watermellon flavor


Enjoy the taste of summer all year round with Watermelon Sour Jacks®! So sweet, so sour, and SO refreshing.

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wildberry sour-jacks wildberry flavor


We’ve taken our favorite berry blend and added a dash of sour for a truly WILD ride to flavor town.

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sour green apple
sour green apple sour-jacks sour green apple flavor

Green Apple

A little sour, a little sweet and ALWAYS packed with non-stop flavor. How do you like THEM apples?

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Bursting with


Try all four unforgettable flavors: sweet summer Watermelon, tasty tart Wildberry, crisp Sour Green Apple, and the NEW 5-flavor variety mix of Original Sour Wedges!

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candy with sour green apple flavor
candy with wildberry flavor
candy with lemon flavor
one more candy with sour green apple flavor
candy with watermelon flavor
one more candy with lemon flavor
one more candy with wildberry flavor
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More sour power!

Livin' on the Wedge®

Whether you're gaming with friends, working on your side hustle, or late night studying, take these sour wedges with you anywhere! Available in a variety of sizes, Sour Jacks® packs the perfect punch for whatever adventure is next.

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sour power!

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