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Wildberry Sour Wedges™

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Respect the Wedge®

We’ve combined our amazing berry blend and signature sweet and sour coating to take you on a truly WILD ride to flavor town.

Sour Jacks'® unique wedge shape is unlike any other candy! Perfectly bite-sized, chewy, and covered in sour sanded goodness, your taste buds will thank you!

Did you know?

Sour Jacks® is always gluten free!

lemon lime strawberry cherry sour-jacks original mix flavor


Our Original mix of Mouth-Puckering Candy® combines everyone's favorites: lemonade, lime, strawberry, cherry, and orange. Make Zing Your Thing!™

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watermellon sour-jacks watermellon flavor


With Watermelon Sour Jacks® enjoy the taste of summer all year round! So sweet, so sour... SO refreshing.

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blue raspberry
blue raspberry sour-jacks blue raspberry flavor

Blue Raspberry

Blue Raspberry Sour Jacks® truly has it all – sour sharpness plus the sweet depth of berries.

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